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The Mommy Muffin Top - Mommy Health Tips

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I love muffins when they are baked in the oven, but there is nothing appetizing about the muffin top that hangs over my favorite pair of denims.

I’m sure you have experienced that extra love handle or two at one point in your life, so I will get right to the point and share some of my tips on managing that muffin top!


1.     Eat clean to Stay Lean. That means making healthier choices like foods low in refined sugars and processed grains; too much of these foods can throw off your insulin levels which can contribute to increased belly fat. Opt for lean proteins, healthy fats, veggies, fruits and whole grains.

2.     Bottoms Up. Most of us are guilty of not staying as hydrated as we should. When we don’t drink enough H2O we actually retain existing water! The main cause of bloating and water retention is in fact dehydration.

And we all know even a little extra bloating and water retention can mean not fitting in your regular pants … this ultimately results in the infamous muffin top. So mamas, time to drink up!

3.     Move it to Lose it! Cardiovascular and resistance training are key to keeping that muffin top at bay. Get moving every day even for if it’s for 15 minutes. Psst … don’t just focus on your abdominal area!

A ton of sit-ups or oblique exercises won’t make the muffin top disappear. Instead focus on full-body workouts that get your heart rate up!

4.     Neflix and Chill. Did you know that stress causes you to release a hormone called cortisol? This hormone causes your body to release excess levels of blood sugar, which can be stored as fat if not used up accordingly.

This will not help solve the muffin top madness, so relax, meditate, and do some yoga instead.

5.     Size Matters! We’re talking about clothes here. When wearing bottoms that fit you properly, any excess fat won’t be forced out of place to create the undesirable muffin top. Get your proper size and steer clear of low-rise options if possible.


There are a lot of reasons for wanting to lose the muffin top and most of them are aesthetic and reasons of vanity. Of course we want to look good, but our health is the most important.

On a serious note, excess belly fat (aka the muffin top) is also linked to aliments such as heart disease, type II diabetes, hypertension, liver disease and gout. Bottom line, avoid the muffin top at all costs and work each day at trying to be your healthiest and happiest self! 

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- Trisha (make sure to follow Trisha on Instagram HERE and her blog HERE for more tip)

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