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Milk Maker!

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Moms Unite

Here's to all the women hiding in bathroom stalls and parked cars to feed their baby. NO MORE! Our mission is to empower breastfeeding mothers everywhere. Feed your baby whenever and wherever they're hungry, with or without a cover...however YOU feel most comfortable.

Here's to all the breastfeeding mamas out there!

We Do.

A breastfeeding brand for mothers, by mothers.

We're giving women permission to feed their baby whenever and wherever they need to with our #dropthecover movement. Use your voice, even if it shakes...

We have your back :)


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"The perfect gift for breastfeeding moms."

— BuzzFeed


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the little milk bar milk maker tee boobs baby blanket for breastfeeding moms baby shower gift.jpg

Boobs . 


Here's to all the sleepless nights, for all the tears, for that first latch, for that first smile, for that sweet sigh when they get a taste of mothers milk, for all the sore nipples, for all the sore backs, for all those tiny fingers reaching up at your face, for the first time you breastfeed in public. Here's to YOU! #treatyoself, you deserve it mama ;)


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