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Milk Maker!

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10% of proceeds will be donated to Immigrant Families Together.


The Little Milk Bar is a brand dedicated to supporting and empowering breastfeeding moms. Giving you the confidence to feed your baby whenever and wherever she’s hungry. No more feeding your baby in dirty bathroom stalls, parked cars or dressing room stalls.

Use your voice, even if it shakes… we have your back!


Empowering breastfeeding moms everywhere.

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Join our #dropthecover movement.


Whether you’re gifting a new mom our Boobs Baby Blanket to let her know she’s not alone during her breastfeeding journey, proudly wearing our Milk Maker tee across the tatas to feel like superwoman throughout the day or sending your bestie our Mind Your Own Tits tee while she’s been struggling with the ups and downs of breastfeeding… we’ve got your back!


Baby Shower

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"The perfect gift for breastfeeding moms."

— BuzzFeed 


EBP Collab

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