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A Product for Breastfeeding Mothers | The Baby Blanket - Boobs


Introducing The Baby Blanket BOOBS for all the breastfeeding mothers out there.

When I had my first baby (Allie, now 5) it was super important for me to breastfeed. I'm not gunna lie, it was a struggle at first. 

But I remember the first time we brought the baby out of the house we went to eat at Cheesecake Factory. Finally, a day out! It was right around feeding time, the hostess was about to seat us and I turned to my husband and said, "can I feed her in a restaurant?" 

I'll never forget that feeling of just not knowing. 

We sat at our booth and I fed her anyway. I used a nursing cover someone bought me for my baby shower. All you nursing moms out there that ever tried covering your babes head when eating, you know how much it DOESN'T work. Funny, people don't like eating with blankets over their heads lol.

So I took it off and continued to feed my baby. Looking back now, I can't believe how ridiculous I was. The fact that I didn't even know if I could feed my baby when she was hungry was just blasphemy. 

Fast forward to just a few months ago. I recently had my second baby (Koda, now 6 months). We were at a wedding and of course he got hungry. Again, it was feeding time.

This time around I'm more comfortable feeding my baby in public. I go sit at our table in the corner, sit down and start feeding my little babe.

A woman walks over to me and says, "do you really think you should be feeding him here? This is a nice event. Maybe you should go to the bathroom dear."

Oh man, there were SO many things I wanted to say to this lady. But I just politely chuckled 'no thanks' and continued feeding little Koda.

It was THIS day that I got the idea for #dropthecover. This day that got my fire burning for a product for all the breastfeeding mothers out there. And now this product is finally here. 

Here's to all the women feeding in their cars, bathroom stalls and dressing rooms. Encouraging mothers everywhere to #dropthecover and feed your babe when and wherever they're hungry. Debuting our Boobs Baby Blanket. 

Empowering breastfeeding moms everywhere!

The Baby Blanket.

This blanket isn't just a blanket, it's a statement.  It's a reminder to all new breastfeeding mothers out there that you can (and should) feed your baby where and whenever they're hungry. And you don't need a cover to do it.

The Boobs print was the perfect print to debut our new blanket, making this a Lot801 x Gravel & Gold Collaboration.

Uses for this blanket: swaddling, carseat cover, changing mat, play mat, snuggling... basically, whatever the hell you want it to be. But it's NOT a nursing cover, unless YOU want it to be ;)

This blanket is made with 100% organic cotton and designed to swaddle your baby like a baby blanket boss. The left side is a bit longer than the right, in order to create that perfect bean burrito wrap around your little one, with our signature black sheep tag indicating the top fold. (see below)

My hope is that no other mother ever sits and wonders if it's OKAY to feed her baby.

Boobs, everyone has 'em ;)


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