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Adjusting When Daddy Gets Deployed

Since settling down in AZ we have really struggled getting back into a routine. Especially since this past month Freddy deployed for six months .

I didn't think at first Shae would really understand, but when we dropped her daddy off at the airport, she cried the whole way home, as if she knew.  

This whole moving thing has really thrown Shae for a loop. I'm talking temper tantrum's, biting, and sometimes hitting. This is never happened before and I have no idea where she even learned it from . So Shae and I have been having a lot of 'you & me' time.

Even though "mama" is yet to be in her vocabulary lol. I think when children are thrown so many changes at once, especially being so little, with no real form of communication they may act out.

So I wrote a couple of tips for us that have been helping which may help you with moving, a deployment, or just any major change for a toddler. Because they sure are smarter than we think. 


  1. Make them feel apart of everything - whether that be with painting, decorating, helping to move things, packing a bag if your leaving somewhere or just bringing you something when you ask. 
  2. Don't overwhelm them - by this I mean, don't throw so many changes at them at once during one day. Make it gradual and apply a little consistency from the day before. 
  3. Communicate - this is by far the most important. It's important to let children know every step that you're doing or anything that's happening during your daily routines. We may not think that they comprehend what we're talking about at times, but they are taking bits and pieces of what they can. So even saying, "Ok, mamas gonna go run some errands today while you stay home, but don't worry I'll be back in a little bit" assures them, that your absence is only temporary. 

So those are some tips that Ive learned that can hopefully help you with major changes for your toddlers. Wishing everyone a safe and happy holidays. 

Little Shae styled in our You + Me graphic tee HERE.

- AnnMarie (make sure to follow AnnMarie on Instagram HERE)

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