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Adventures of a Two Year Old

My little 2 year old has been so adventurous lately! (All of the one week he's been 2 so far, hehe). So I've been trying to find and explore new places to take him since he wants to be on the loose. Thinks he's a grown boy. -Well calm down little A because you'll always be my little baby.

This week after I took him to Costco, he pretty much ran through the entire store- or I should say warehouse. He got pretty excited in the diaper aisle, snacks, and flowers... (Only because he wanted to take all the petals off the roses).

We came back home where he saw his uncles new ride outside and thought it was a huge toy- he was all over it! THEN- I bribed him with a mini Popsicle to finally get him in the house. Yes I bribed him. The bribes have officially started.

Long story short. I told myself I wouldn't be one of those moms but... Im pretty tempted to get one of those little backpack leash things. Did I just say "leash"? I guess the correct term is safety/security harness. Ya I'm pretty sure I'll need one of those ASAP. Yikes!

Little man styled in our WORD cut off tee HERE and Light Grey Suspenders HERE.

XOXO - Maryam (make sure to follow Maryam on Instagram HERE)

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