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Airstream Park Family Vacation

Doing it for the ‘Gram is always on my mind. Whether a family trip or work event, I am always on the lookout for the perfect location in order to get the perfect shot. That’s why when a family friend told us about this super kitchy Airstream park in Santa Barbara, I couldn’t get to my phone soon enough to book that shit.

I couldn’t wait to get up to this upscale trailer park to get so much great throwback content as well as shoot my post for Lot801. The icing on this cupcake was that they were dog friendly too. Finally, a family trip where I could capture these sweet and brief moments where Annabelle is still small enough to take anywhere and before baby number 2 comes and our lives are turned upside down.

Usually when we go on a trip, the leaving part is the most stressful part of traveling. This time, however, it was earily calm and organized. I should have realized that this was not a good sign, like when they said on Sex & The City “The worse the wedding, the better the marriage”, I should have realized the rest of the trip was going to be a disaster.

But, we packed up the car anyway and headed north to the sleepy beach town of Santa Barbara. After 5 hours of LA traffic, we arrived at our new abode and settled in. All was well, then the evening hit. Annabelle decided sleeping was for rookies and proceeded to have one of the most incredible tantrums I have ever seen.

After she finally settled down and fell asleep, the hubbs and I sat in the dark for a few hours (since there was only one itty bitty bedroom that was now occupied by an even smaller toddler) watching Netflix on my phone.

When we finally decided to go to sleep, the dogs decided to get horrifically ill and have diarrhea every hour on the hour. Along with that, when the dogs weren’t shitting on the astroturf right outside our room, Annabelle was waking up crying because she had developed a cold that inhibited her pacifier from staying in her mouth.

Seriously, just FML.

So after the disastrous night and not being able to leave the trailer for fear of the dogs getting sick all over the faux wood, we decided to cut our losses and head home.

Overall, the trip was an epic fail without even some amazing pics to make everything all better. But you can’t win them all and we will just have to chalk this one up to being just another funny/awful family vacation.

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