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Breastfeeding Is Hard, It's Okay To Ask For Help


It’s hard & it’s okay to ask for help. 

Asking for help may not be the same for each person. 

For some breastfeeding help may look like… having someone make sure you’re eating enough, drinking enough, changing a diaper and then handing you baby to feed... for some they may not have help from others and they may need to figure out help themselves.

For me I have breastfed both my children ( which are 2 under 2 & still breastfeeding as my youngest is only 4 months ).

I’m also an army wife so I spend most my days alone & by the time my hubby is around most of the time he doesn’t want to help. So for me I had to learn to help myself as I don’t have family around to help. I help myself by meal prepping. That way I at least know there is some food that I don’t have to cook.

I help myself by reminding myself at these every 20 -30 minute feeds in the middle of the night till the sun comes up that one day I won’t have these moments. They will just be memories. Help may not be the same person to person...but we can all agree on one thing.

That it’s okay to want some help. Breastfeeding is a job itself. Our little ones may not be able to thank us verbally. They do thank us with their smiles , snuggles and full bellies. Breastfeeding It’s hard and it’s okay to ask for help.

Whatever help may look like to you. It’s completely okay to ask for help or help yourself...because let’s be real having a little human completely depend on you for comfort , food and every little aspect of survival is exhausting.

It’s not only long days but also long nights with the bitten scratched up engorged leaky sore breasts.  Us mommas tend to put ourselves on the back burner. We deserve some  help too.  So just remember breastfeeding is hard and it’s totally okay to ask for help. 

But for those that have someone around whether it be a friend , mom , sister , mother in law , sister in law , aunt , neighbor or whomever you feel comfortable with…it's okay to ask for help. Even the “simple things” can feel like the most overwhelming tasks at times while juggling motherhood.

It's okay to send a text to a friend asking if they can watch baby while you take a shower or asking if your sister in law can come play with your toddler so you can focus on yourself for a moment. It's okay to ask for help with the dishes , helping meal prep , help wash or fold laundry.

It's okay to ask for help. Us mommas juggle a lot… I know sometimes we feel like we need to juggle it all to hold all the pieces together..but sometimes we need to think about our piece in the puzzle. Taking care of ourselves.

It's okay to ask for help momma. You do a lot. You’re doing amazing.

Don’t forget its okay to ask for help.

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