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Bringing Home Baby #2

Bringing home baby number two

I’ve been told bringing baby number two home to live with your toddler is like having your husband bring another woman home to live in your house (ahh WTF, hell no!).

When I think about it like that it’s no wonder our once pleasant, cooperative, happy two year old is now a raging, unreasonable maniac!

Since Grayson arrived in November we’ve seen a considerable change in Charlie’s behaviour. He’s gone from going weeks without a tantrum or even tears to loosing it over the most minor things on a daily basis.

He loves his baby brother and is always wanting to help but his attempts at trying to get our attention go from constant nagging to doing things he knows will get him into trouble to complaining about being ‘sick' or simply screaming at the top of his lungs for absolutely no reason. 

Apparently this is all normal behaviour and as we come closer to the 3 month mark things are starting to go back to normal…thank god!

A baby in the house is a massive adjustment for everyone, but it definitely does affect existing children the most. We’ve been making a conscious (sleep deprived) effort to make sure Charlie still gets his alone time with us.

It’s not easy nor very realistic some days but on the days when we make more of an effort we notice a big change in his behaviour, he’s his normal happy go lucky self and it reminds me this is all a phase!

If keeping Charlie happy requires me to dedicate 30 minutes of my day to roaring like a dinosaur in the back yard I’ll find a way of making it happen.

It’s the small things we do for our small humans that make a massive difference at the end of the day!

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-Tania (make sure to follow Tania on Instagram HERE)

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