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Change of Season, Change of Mood

Change of Season, Change of Mood

It’s funny how the change in season can spark a change in your mindset and mood too. Autumn is upon us and with the cooler weather comes a whole new set of challenges for mamas like me whose little humans HAVE to be outside for the majority of the day.

The end of summer had me feeling low on energy, out of ideas and even a little lonely but with the smell of fresh rain coupled with the warm afternoons I’m feeling like positive change is in the air.

I’m not a ‘mothers group’ mama, never was with Charlie and now with Grayson I still haven’t been able to find the enthusiasm for weekly catch ups to compare bubbas and complain about husbands (I know, mass generalisation and probably grossly inaccurate) so I’ve made a promise to myself and my bambinos to make the Autumn months the ones where we embrace the days we have together and adventure in the rain, the hail, the wind and with any luck some more warm afternoon sun.

Little man styled in our Monochrome Joggers HERE.

-Tania (make sure to follow Tania on Instagram HERE)

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