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Dressing the Punks - Belin

When Friday rolled around, we decided that we'd had enough of snowmageddon. Packed our bags as quick as we could - in my motivated mind I pictured it would take us 30 mins tops but any of you with toddlers know, that in reality, spontaneous packing somehow still takes hours just to get out of the door. With the car loaded and Kung Fu Panda playing, we were officially road tripping. Four hours later, hello 70 degree weather! 

A highlight of our weekend was climbing the mini narrows in St. George, Utah. The boys had a ball getting dirty and being daredevils. Pretty sure they also got a kick out of seeing me have mini heart attacks while they attempted to defy the laws of gravity. Is the no-fear attitude a boy thing or a toddler thing?! Seriously, kids are freaking brave!

We came, we saw, we conquered. Even managed to leave unscathed. And, made it back home early enough to snow blow the driveway. 


Belin's twin babes styled in our green Lines leggings and blue Blocks leggings

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