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Dressing The Punks Belin

I can’t believe our boys will be turning two in August.” These were the last words I said to my husband before he caught his plane to Wimbledon. For the next 4 weeks it would be just the boys and I holding down the fort. During this time, there were definitely some memorable events that I’ll be jotting down in their baby books. Kingston tossed all our Apple USB power adapters down our central vac. In case you’re wondering, how much damage can a little usb power adapter make? Well, that tiny little adapter managed to make a big hole somewhere 31 ft. down into our pipes. Three holes in our drywall later + 8 hours of manpower, problem solved. 

Kai taught himself how to lock our house door. Unfortunately though, he decided to wait until I was outside loading his brother in the car, before he figured it out. Yep, he locked me out. Not going to lie, I had a small panic attack and almost called 911 until I remembered I had a spare house key in our car. 

Without a doubt, I survived the past month by saying lots of prayers. Especially after I received a text from my husband while I was cleaning tomato soup vomit off our living room sofa and carpet. It was just a photo of him hanging out with the rapper Drake, no big deal. He’s always had impeccable timing. Ha! 

Are these moments the so called terrible twos knocking on our door? If so, I invite them in with open arms. I love our crazy beautiful life. I’m no longer in denial that our boys are growing up. Instead, I choose to celebrate this pivotal age, knowing that one day I’ll look back and wish it hadn't passed so quickly. Even in the hard moments, I am completely smitten by my tiny humans and their inquisitive minds. 

One thing is for certain, our twins are ending their first year with a bang.


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