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Dressing The Punks - Chelsea


A healthy lifestyle has been important to me since college, but didn't become a priority to me until having my daughter.  The days of frat house punch, eating pizza at noon (or midnight), and calling "walking to class" my cardio are long gone.  Once I had Annabelle, life got crazy.

I knew it would take some serious ingenuity to make my workouts and healthy eating a non-negotiable.  Once I got out of the breastfeeding/eat everything in sight/post-partum stage I actually realized that this wouldn't be as tough as I thought. 

Once A began eating solids it was easier, because I was making lunch for 2 and not just myself. Eating a cookie for lunch would not go unnoticed by my opinionated little munchkin so I knew that I needed to set a good example. Fitting in workouts was a little trickier. 

The older Annabelle gets the busier she gets (understatement of the year). The challenge of getting my sweat on while taking care of my little one is now a team effort. 

Living in such favorable weather is a total bonus. We go on hikes, run rampant at the park, and take the jogging stroller to my local cafes. These baby bearing workouts are all about being active and have fun whilst getting my sexy back. 

This being said, I am a huge advocate of the 80/20 rule. I definitely partake in the mid week cocktail, Saturday morning brunch, or candy at the movies... wait, isn't that why you go to the movies?!  Because life just ain't sweet without a little sin once in a while.


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