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Dressing The Punks - Kiri

Hello from Sydney!

Matisse has just turned 2 this month and although I feel like crying inside that my little baby is growing up I’m so grateful that we’ve documented her life so... thoroughly! We have so many amazing memories from since she was born, she’s brought nothing but light, love and happiness into our lives. I thought I would share with you 10 funny little things about our big girl so you can get to know her a little better.

1. Her favourite movies are Toy Story and The Lion King (massively obsessed)

2. She’s an absolute chocoholic and ice cream lover (no idea where she gets that)

3. She can count to 12 (bloody counts everything!)

4. Has a special bond with her Papou (my Dad) No doubt because he takes her out on the farm, rides tractors and picks veggies fresh from the garden every time we go to visit

5. She says she wants a little brother (much to her father’s delight)

6. Loves temporary tattoos as you may have noticed

7. She can operate an iPad just as well, if not better than her parents

8. Her favourite song is "Blurred Lines" and has been since birth

9. She’s a capricorn therefore loves being in the spotlight

10. Is the sweetest caring, vivacious little human who laughs at herself and always has fun

xxxx Kiri

Kiri's little darling styled in our Dots slouch beanie. You can checkout our slouch beanies on clearance here.

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