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Dressing The Punks - Krista

Real Housewives of Instagram

Instagram has practically become a dating site for "friendships". At least it has for me. I have met so many amazing mamas through this outlet of social media and developed real life friendships. People come into your life at different times and places and for different reasons and this thing called "motherhood" has connected me to so many mamas that I can really relate to and they help me survive it all!

After I had Boston, I became pretty active on Instagram because I loved following all the shops that were making super cute clothing for little ones! Through these shops, I would find other mamas that had babies around the same age as Boston and would end up following them as well. I always found it so fun to see the dynamics of other families and milestones of their sweet babes! It was something I could relate to. Never did I think, I would really get to meet and become friends in real life with some of these gorgeous girls!

I'm from a city in California called Bakersfield and a lot of these mamas I was friends with on Instagram were from a city called Fresno which is just two hours north of me. I started thinking, how cool would it be to get to meet these mamas in person that I have looked up to for so long! So about six months ago, we decided to set up a play date at the Fresno Zoo and I'm so glad we did! These mamas are just as amazing in person (if not more) than they are on social media! We instantly hit it off and have made it a point to meet up about once a month! They come to me or I go to them

This last play date was at one of my mama friend's husband's fire station that he works at. Every boy's dream, right?! The boys got to check out the fire engines and we even got to ride in one! They also got to squirt the big ole fire hose! That was probably the highlight of their day

We crack up because our husbands always call us all 'The Real Housewives of Instagram'. Although we don't come with nearly as much drama...just a bunch of crazy kids running every which direction while us mamas chase them around and chit chat! It is always the best of times and I really wish we lived closer so that we could get together more often! So lucky to do mamahood with these babes!


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