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Dressing The Punks - Maia + Stars

Hello everyone! Calder and Maia here holding down the fort here in Brooklyn while we are stuck indoors thanks to the rain. We had big plans this afternoon after naptime to explore another park of the many  surrounding in NYC. This time we had plans to venture up to the Upper West Side (UWS) to check off a section of central park. However nature decided to keep the entertainment indoors. The face from Calder here should be a good indication of the relation to murphy’s law today.

I have to thank Lot801 for allowing us to be a part of this. I never thought that posting my little masterpiece of a guy would grow such a beautiful community of mothers and finding amazing small businesses I adore, like Lot801 . Lot801 is every bit a celebration bringing in a great community of fun mothers who want fun, bold, comfortable clothing that sets out to change the gender gap. Seriously, isn’t it time to change the tone of just a blue or pink world?!  I personally love having some fun tones mixed into Calder’s wardrobe, and these soft leggings bring it every way from playtime in the park or chilling at home drawing and playing with trains while I work and we listen to music playing in the background.

Spending the last year as a freelancer has allowed me to be home more with my son and grown me to love playing stylist to C's wardrobe. After all, we live in a fashion capital, he deserves some epic apparel. You will see a majority of new and vintage denim in his wardrobe, which I really love to pair with Lot801 leggings and a simple solid tee from Zara.  I’m the minimalist mother who owns less clothing and style then my son! You will most likely catch me in an Ace & Jig piece, jeans, and clogs like today. While my style has slowly been re-evolving since changing lifestyles, I, at least have Calder to be the stylish one in the household.

So while we are indoors cranking away with our art time, peek a boo, and longing for the rain to let up, we hope everyone else is enjoying summertime that is right around the corner!

Thanks for loving this brand as much as we do and feel free to say hello over on my instagram page @wolfancub or at my blog I always love to connect to new friends and sharing our roles as true superheroes to our children.

Make sure to follow Maia and her little babe on Instagram here and her blog here.

Purchase your Stars leggings here.

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