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Dressing the Punks - Maryam

This little girl right here. I feel like it was just yesterday when Lindsay gave Mila's first official birth announcement...And now? Now she's a week shy of turning 5 months old. Boy does time really fly after your second child.

Mila is turning into such a character and now requires her alone time too?! I sometimes find myself trying to equally split my body in half so each kiddo gets the same amount of play time from me.

She's rolling all over the place, drooling everywhere, TRYING to sit up, and the list goes on. So I sit here trying as well to cherish these sweet moment before she grows out of them right before my eyes! Next thing I know... They'll both be running around in front of me and playing together! So today I let her have her own little spotlight in mommy and me pics as Aiman watched from the sidelines.



Mila's styled in our grey Honeycomb headband, you can snatch your here

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