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Dressing The Punks - Maryam

My Starbucks date

34 weeks pregnant and crunch time around here! Last minute shopping and prepping, hardly any time to take this little fella out and entertain him or even myself! My sister came over today to help me get things done around the house a little faster and eventually we had to step out for a much needed Starbucks drink.


Of course Aiman joined and needed a cup of his own. He’s teething super hard lately and loves to put everything in his mouth including his little fingers. Oh can’t forget to mention he’s gotten extra fast at crawling so kind of hard to get any pictures of him sitting still these days! 


Can we talk about how cool these barn-looking doors were that we found on the way? And just had to take a selfie with the photographer (my sissy) herself!


Maryam, Aiman, and belly

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