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Dressing The Punks - Maryam

What to do?

The weather here in VA these last few weeks have been so bipolar. I’ve been trying to take Aiman to the park, pool, and wanting to try out this donut shop but haven’t been able to do any of these! It either rains in the morning then by the time the sun is out we are already over it OR its sunny and by the time we decide to head out… it rains! So we gave up and had to improvise on what to do at home to keep this little guy busy. He’s only 10 months old so there isn’t much we can do.

We put our little beanie on and thought we could blow some bubbles out on the patio before the rain got to us…but it got us alright so we brought the bubbles inside, Mr. Panda joined as well.

Got tired of that so decided a little treat wouldn’t hurt… that didn’t seem to keep us going for long either…

I let him play with the kitchen cabinets since he loves them so much! This went on for quite a while. More than the bubbles and a treat! Weird little boy!

In the end we got a little tired and stared out the window hoping for some sunshine tomorrow and MAYBE just MAYBE we can go grab some donuts.

Xoxo Maryam & Aiman

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