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Dressing The Punks - Megan

Well, it has officially been raining in Portland for 17 days straight. There's been flooding, power outages and lots of cold temperatures. Vincent and I have been spending most days being cozy and lazy together in our apartment. I am entering my third trimester of pregnancy in a couple days and I love this special time I have with Vincent just being together.

I feel emotional that he isn't going to be my one and only baby anymore so I am trying to soak up lots of one on one time this holiday season. Today, we watched Netflix, took a nap together in my bed and made cookies. He wore his new maroon pants that his dada picked out today and I absolutely love them! Not only do I think he looks super cute in them but I also love how cozy they look on him. I also really love the color. 


Megan's little guy wearing our maroon Smudge Comfy Pants, you can get them here

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