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Dressing The Punks - Natalie

We have always been big into the spirit of the holidays, and we love celebrating early! Last year I bought an Advent Calendar so we could do something special or meaningful every day of December. From donating to Toys For Tots, making a paper garland, ice skating, wrapping presents, performing random acts of kindness and drinking hot chocolate....we are reveling in the glow of the Holidays at our house. It's such an amazing thing to watch your kids discover the magic of the season, and as a Mom, I try to show them that it's more than just the pretty boxes under the tree.
However you celebrate, do it with love!

- Natalie

We love nor Natalie styled The Hooded Cape on her eldest. You can get yours here. Maroon Smudge leggings here, mulit Blocks leggings here and grey Honeycomb headband here

Follow Natalie on Instagram (@uptonallgood) here.

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