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Enjoy Free US Shipping on Orders Over $75! (Pre-Tax)

Dressing The Punks - Shanay

Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well.

Wow guys Zuri is really the Big 3. Sometimes I just sit back and smile at my little princess because she's everything I dreamed of when I found out I would bring a princess home to my boys. Zuri is such a girly girl as you guys can see, she's all about playing in Mommy's lipgloss, shoes, playing dress up and of course she loves her baby dolls. Having four brothers only makes Zuri even more special and she is always learning new things from them. Zuri is becoming more and more independent each day and even though it makes me really proud as a mom, it also touches my heart because she's no longer a baby. Zuri's big personality matches her big hair and I love to see her shine all on her own.

Zuni styled in our blue Blocks leggings, snatch your pair here.

Make sure to follow Zuri on Instagram here.

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