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Dressing The Punks - Shaw

There was something that happened to my little boy as he got ready for preschool registration this morning. 

When I first told him about it a few weeks ago, I was anticipating his enthusiasm. After he heard the news, he acted completely opposite of what I expected and refused to go.  I told him enough in advance to let the thought marinate, not pushing it but casually mentioning my excitement for him to learn in school and make new friends every here and there. A few days had passed until he brought it up on his own at bath time. I was surprised when said that he'd only go if I would go with him. I was relieved, and mushy and worried all this in the same breath. I said okay, of course I will go with you! (Duh!

Registration was this morning and it was serious business all the way around. In all his four years, I have never seen him so intentional about what he's going to wear or interested (ever) in brushing his teeth. It was a struggle figuring out if his tiger should go, or if he should just maybe wait in the car. (Tiger waited in the car, because you know.. big kid status.

I never knew the depth of what he thought of himself, or how he intentionally thought to present himself. It was such a milestone for my mama heart to witness him picking out his favourite things. He was so proud and shy, and ready. The amount that he grew up in just one morning was partly heartbreaking, but made me mostly feel soo overwhelmingly excited for what's to come. This little dude, this this once tiny first born of mine is growing up, and for as much as I never wanted the baby years to leave me so quickly, I am really looking to this whole school thing. 

- Shaw

This little guys is wearing our white Anniversary Black Sheep Tee, unfortunately, we only offer them during the month of March. 

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