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Essential Oils - Lana


Happy Holidays from Florida! 

I would like to share with you what has proven for me, to be one of the most challenging situations of Motherhood thus far! Here is a glimpse into my sleepless nights. Since having our third, little L, I noticed early on he needed skin to skin to sleep deeply. Initially, this wasn't an issue. Fast forward 21 months later and we're talking serious business! I tried all the sleep rescue remedies I had heard and then a friend of mine mentioned Young Living essential oils, and that I must try. I was at the point of trying absolutely anything, so why not?!

Liam has woken consistently every night from 3-5 times a night and sometimes more! The first night I used this, "sleepytime" blend, he slept 6 hours straight! Second night 5. And now he usually wakes maybe 1 or 2 times at the most, but is sleeping at a much deeper sleep consistently,   which is amazing!

I can't live without lavender, this oil has so many beneficial uses, from deeper sleep to easing anxiety to healthier lashes {just a drop to your mascara and your lashes will grow stronger and thicker!! Who'd have thought!?

So super, easy to make this roll-on.

You first will add 3-4 pumps of a carrier oil, I prefer Young Living's oil blend {for convenience}

10-15 drops of Lavender, followed by 10-15 drops cedar wood. Pop on the roller ball and your done! You can save your empty YL glass bottles and purchase the roller ball tops {aroma glide roller fitments} at YL for just $9.75 ➡️ 

You can also purchase on Amazon {The root and Petal set}

If you are a Mombie at best most days....try this oil blend, I use it every night myself and my sleep has drastically improved! 

Stay tuned for more Mommy essential oil-blends and yummy smoothie blends too:) Xx-Lana M.

Lana's little man wearing our blue Blocks scarf, you can get yours here. Make sure to follow Lana on Instagram (@lanamichele) here.

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