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Fitness - Fatima

Hi friends!! How are we doing with our new years resolutions?? Still doing strong or are we needing some motivation?? Last week was rough for me, I had a hard time finding motivation to do anything! But hey, its a new week so let's have some fun!

Here's a workout you can do at home using a chair, the couch or a bench if you're outside!

There are 6 exercises and I want you to do 30 sec on 10 sec off!

If you're a beginner alternate legs/arms, otherwise follow the order.

Step-up jumps

Single leg squat (30 sec each leg)


Bench push-ups


Bench step-up (start in a plank, step up with arms)

REPEAT 3 times!!

Take a friend with you, go to the park, let the kids run wild and get your workout done :)

xo Fatima

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