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Keep Movin’ Forward, Mama

We are a few weeks into 2016 and resolutions may or may not be still alive. Truth is, most “resolutions” get flushed down the toilet by end of January anyway. But the more important thing today is that you KEEP MOVIN’ FORWARD. 

Focus on progress over perfection. Commit to looking ahead and doing your best. The one thing that will bring you closer to your goals is your mindset. So rule #1: STAY POSITIVE!

If you’re looking to spice things up with your current workout, try this 15-minute circuit. You’ll be sweating by the end of it and only in 15 minutes. That’s as long as the showers we used to take before having kids! 

10 x Jump Lunges (each)

10 x Plié Squats

10 x Jump Squats

20s Left Side Plank

20s Right Side Plank

20s Full Plank

Rest 30s and repeat as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes.

I hope everyone’s 2016 is off to a strong (and sweaty) start. Keep movin’ forward, mama - here’s to a happy and healthy year ahead!


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