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Home Workouts For the Modern Mama

 It’s November and here in Toronto, the weather is getting colder and all I’m craving is comfort food. Not to mention, over-sized and cozy sweaters can be a pretty good excuse to pack on and hide those extra pounds. What’s more, as a mother it can be challenging to get into the gym as often as we would like and as often as we used to before babies arrived.  Let’s be honest, sometimes we are so tired that we can barely lift a finger, let alone a dumbbell. 


But my advice isn’t to go and drag yourself to the gym every single day, but to start by setting small and realistic goals. Perhaps start with just 10-15 minutes one to two times a week doing a simple workout at home.  Then you can work your way up to three times a week and possibly for 20 minutes at a time.


But wait … what kind of workout could you even do at home? Get the most of your time by doing intense bodyweight circuits that are effective and efficient. Try these:


Putting this time aside to get a little sweat on will not only help improve your health, but will make you a happier and more patient mommy! Don’t forget to schedule this time in your calendar and commit to it as you would any appointment in your day. You can try it solo or get the kiddies involved. Whatever you do, just start today. You can do this! I can’t wait to share more home workouts with you over the coming months. Stay tuned!


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