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Gangster Mom - Traveling with a Toddler

When I planned my family’s trip to London, I really didn’t think about the logistics and hardships that come with traveling with a little one. And when I told people I was going to travel internationally with a toddler, they looked at me like I had 3 heads and I had a death wish.

With this reaction came anxiety and with anxiety comes panic. I started second guessing myself. I began to think “Is this a horrible idea to bring an unpredictable, opinionated, and out right wild woman across the pond?”.

Well, I am just glad I’m not a person who gives a fuck what anyone thinks (for the most part). I began to reassure myself that I am a gangster mom and just to expect the worst. If I acknowledge how strong I am and that this may be one of the worst and non-relaxing flights I’ve ever experienced, then I should be just fine.

With low expectations, there is no regret regardless of how things go. And when I say low expectations, I mean basement level expectations. Basically, if there’s no projectile vomit or she doesn’t go “Bridesmaids” on me, then we are gooooooood.

I’d like to give both my husband and myself credit, When we had Annabelle, we were sure that we wouldn’t get back London or travel long distances ever again. For me, this was a very scary thought. I am a wanderer at heart and gypsy wannabe, so the idea of never traveling internationally again just sucked.

Luckily, my girl was a straight up angel on our flights, both there and back. I couldn’t have asked for a better baby. She slept on our overnight flight there and watched movies on the way back.

With this first experience under our belt being a positive one, the world is our oyster. You’ve been warned world, you’ve been warned...

Little Annabelle styled in our Blue Joggers HERE and Pullover HERE.

-Chelsea (make sure to follow Chelsea on Instagram HERE)

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