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Health Recipes- S'mores Flavored Smoothie

Smores Flavored Smoothie

Hello from Florida. Smoothies are one of the most popular drinks in the world right now, so easy to make and full of nutrition! I would love to share with you a fun smoothie recipe that my kiddos enjoy! This time of year has me dreaming of cuddles, bonfires and hot cocoa.....and with chilly evenings just around the corner, I thought this "S'mores" smoothie would be just the right call.

As a Mom, you're probably doing your very best to implement healthy nutritional meals into your child's life. This can be a challenge...especially if you're dealing with a moody, {almost twonager}, 7 year old {drama queen}, & 11 yr old {know everything} like myself;)

We all know how much our kiddos love products high in sugar and unhealthy ingredients, some with which we can't even pronounce! There is nothing more rewarding than knowing your child is filling up on fruits and veggies, and not just refined I right?! 

Super easy to make and all you need are a few ingredients and a blender. They get a nutritional, vitamin-packed, drink, that will sustain them for hours.....and you can rest assure that they are getting what they need to keep them healthy. Here is what you need to get started

S'mores Flavored Smoothie

- 1 cup organic chocolate milk

- 4 tsp. Organic Cocoa powder 

- 2/3 cup ice

- 1/2 tsp organic vanilla extract 

- 2 tsp honey

- Mini marshmallows & Golden Grahams or crushed Graham crackers for topping

- 1 tbsp of chocolate protein powder {I use Terraswhey from Whole Foods} 

- Whipped cream {optional}

1) Blender: Crush ice

2) Add milk, cocoa powder, vanilla extract & honey. Blend until smooth.

3) Pour into glass, top w/ grahams, and mini marshmallows

4) Enjoy:)


Ps. Two products that we can't live without for smoothie time is our @Resqueeze pouches, literally a must have if you have kids! Also, Clean up is a breeze with our @neatcheeks wipes;)

PPs. You can also substitute chocolate milk for almond, vanilla,  or any other milk as you wish.

Stay tuned to more nutritious, kid friendly blends, in the near future + I will be introducing some helpful oil blends that I swear by from Young Living Oils. Xx-

- Lana

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