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How To Create A Breastfeeding Tree of Life Photo 6 Different Ways

A question we get over and over again from breastfeeding mamas is… ‘How do we make those cool Tree of Life Breastfeeding pics?’

You may have seen our post HERE a few months back. But today, we thought we’d add a little refresher and a fun way to make them SIX different ways with PicsArt. (PS make sure to checkout THIS video with a step-by-step tutorial on how make them)



Step 1 - Choose a Photo

First things first, pic your favorite photo of you breastfeeding your little babe. This can be from a recent family photo shoot, a photo your partner snapped of you or a quick and easy selfie with your phone.

Quick Tip: We find the up close and personal shots work best, rather than a photo that was taken from far away. A photo that shows your baby’s latch is ideal ;)



Step 2 - Open The PicsArt App

Open up that handy dandy PicsArt app and add your photo (see below). Remember, close up pics are the best.



Step 3 - Add A Sticker

Click on ‘Sticker’ in the bottom right hand corner.



Type in ‘Tree of Life’ and choose your favorite sticker. I love the ones shaped as hearts ;)



This is the fun part. Once you add the sticker you can move it around, make it bigger/smaller, flip it, etc. But you’ll want to place the tree/roots over your breast and baby’s head. So the trunk of the tree runs through your baby’s latch.

Then hit ‘Apply’.



Step 4 - Add an Effect

Click on ‘Effect’ in the bottom of your screen.



Make sure your on the ‘Magic’ effect. This one tends to have the best filters for Tree of Life pics.



My favorite filter is the ‘Midnight’ filter. Once you select the filter, a little pop up will show below your pic. The pop up will have a slide bar so you can choose how intense the filter shows.

Slide it back and forth until you find your sweet spot.



Voila, that’s how you make your perfect Tree of Life photo using PicsArt (<——- click here for a video tutorial). Then just hit Apply, Next and Save/Share. Super easy right?

Below are six different Tree of Life edits I made and how you can duplicate them.

Now for an extra bonus. Print your Tree of Life photo and have it for a keepsake to remember your breastfeeding journey forever.


For all things breastfeeding make sure to checkout our blog HERE for our top tips & tricks.

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