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Enjoy Free US Shipping on Orders Over $75! (Pre-Tax)

Introducing SS16 I Am... Collection

It's Lindsay, owner/designer of Lot801 here. I'm SO excited to finally be sharing our SS16 "I AM..." collection with you.

Instead of pretending like this collection has been planned for weeks and I knew exactly what I was doing, I'm going to do what most business owners would never share with their customers... but I feel like we're more like friends and I love having the curtain pulled back so you can see the real behind Lot801.

Last year around June, I had my SS16 collection completely finalized, ready for pics and everything. Sent out to our agents and ready to go. Then something happened, something unexpected. I had the idea to come out with a new product, The Hooded Cape for the fall. 

So within a few weeks I came up with a pattern and found the perfect fabric. We released and to my surprise, it was our BEST seller. We couldn't keep the mo fo's on the damn shelf. Then we came out with The Comfy Pant, slight drop crotch, hidden pockets on both sides, extra room to move with the little ones and a sewn in drawstring for extra style. 

Those bad boys sold like crazy too.

That's when I realized that I had to keep going with the momentum. I listened to my customers and decided I had to continue moving in the direction that was completely unplanned for me.

So what did I do? I completely scrapped my SS16 collection in December. Yes, you heard that right... I started re-designing my SS16 in JANUARY. But I had to do it or I knew I'd be moving backwards... and I ain't about going backwards. Pushing forward. Always. 24/7.

I fell in love (like most modern  mothers out there) with the athleisure look taking over the fashion world by storm. But I had noticed there was something missing. No one was executing this trend for the kiddos. 

So I went to work, creating a collection with bold graphic tees (with a meaning) and sporty prints that can be worn a bazilion different ways: napping, out with mom, playing, soccer practice, shopping, play dates, etc.

I didn't stop there. I changed our fabric from 100% organic cotton, to a cotton spandex blend. The pants improved a TON by doing this. They're super stretchy which ables them move with your little modern babe, keep it's color, holding their shape and hardly shrink with the first wash. 

This collection was designed to empower your little one's to proudly take ownership of who they are. Letting our little ones develop their own personality. Letting them fill in the blank, "I Am..."

Our Stay Focused Tee motto: Stay Focused & Never Give Up! For the strong willed kids ONLY. Teaching our kids to never give up on their dreams.

Our Break Free Tee motto: Never Be Afraid To Be Yourself! For the kid who isn't afraid to think outside the box.

Our Word Cut-Off Tee motto: If You Don't Know Me, Don't Judge Me! For all the kids marching to the beat of their own drum.

As much as the stylish loves them some black and white, kids freaking like COLOR. Which is why I had to strategically design a collection that appealed to the modern mother... as well as the kiddos. Finding that balance sometimes can be difficult.

I had the idea to create a Blood Orange design, I haven't seen this color out yet and I LOVED it. Then the Ocean Blue was a perfect addition. I then added a Monochrome design to calm down the collection a bit.. and to satisfy the mamas out there. We love color but we don't want it all over the place right? 

This collection is totally EPIC and I couldn't be more proud of how it turned out and what it stands for. 

That said, I've got a trick up my sleeve. This isn't the end of this seasons collection. Stay tuned because I've got something so killer it's going to blow your freaking mind!!! I can't wait to show you what else we have coming out in the coming months.

Comment below with your favorite piece from this collection and help a sista out by pinning the top image to your favorite style board. Fist bump if you do ;)


All photos and video done by the amazingly talented Shailynn with Shailynn Photography.

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