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Kai Turns 2!!!

Kai just turned 2! It’s gone by so fast! I feel like I was just freaking out at the fact I was pregnant at 19! It has been such a blast being his momma. It obviously has some moments, I didn’t know I could have this much patience, and it’s getting better everyday.

I love watching him grow, learn and develop his personality. I always freak myself out on things, like he should be saying more words, or be able to drink from a cup and use a spoon by now, etc. and I really need to stop! Kids go at their own pace, not the pace of my friends kids and I have to remember that. He’s only 2 and he’s constantly learning!! I just need to focus on doing what I can do to help. 

I got him lots of books and learning toys for his birthday to help him continue to learn. But this time I am definitely hiding the books in a place he can’t get to them and rip them apart. His shelf is currently just pages of random cardboard books all stacked on top of each other.

I’ve started to teach him what chores are. He can help me clean his room and even knows where things go, he can wipe up messes he makes, or even we make! Who knew little things like that could be this exciting for us! Soon I’ll be taking him to preschool, and I just hope life slows down just a little bit.

Little man wearing our Pineapple Henley Romper HERE.

- Bri (make sure to follow Bri on Instagram HERE)

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