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Kylena's Breastfeeding Story

From the moment I got pregnant I knew I wanted to breastfeed and was determined to do so. I had spent so much time doing extensive research and was, and still am, completely enthralled with how amazing breastfeeding is for not only our babies but for ourselves.

My beautiful baby girl arrived and within the first hour she was latched on. I remember being so nervous and so scared that something would go wrong. Would she latch ok? Would my milk come in? So many things run through your mind in that moment and as you move forward in your breastfeeding journey.

I had reached out for advice prior to her birth from other moms and from articles I found on Google. Although some of that did help, I will say it can also make things a little more nerve wracking. While there are plenty of success stories and helpful advice out there, there is also tons of stories where mothers were not successful whether it be lack of support or medical issues and unfortunately it can make you doubt your ability as a woman to naturally feed your little one. 

I tried to stay positive though and keep myself in that mindset. I am a strong woman, my body was made to feed my child this way, I can do this!

In the beginning it was definitely the hardest when it came to breastfeeding. Baby is new to this world and wants to be comforted by you almost constantly when they're not catching some zzz's. I loved every moment of this bonding and continue to love it but in the beginning I was worried she was not getting enough milk from my breast.

This is a VERY common misconception that tons of mothers experience when breastfeeding. A huge tip I'd give to mothers that might feel this way is that if your baby is having plenty of wet and dirty diapers you're supply is perfectly fine. It can also take a couple days for it to come in and it's totally normal!

Baby not only wants to feed from your breast but it is pure comfort for them in this big scary word they've been brought into. They still see themselves as apart of you and don't want to be away from you!

I spoke to a lactation consultant during this time because unfortunately I was doubting myself so much. She weighed her before and after nursing so I could see how many ounces of milk she was receiving. This cleared any doubt I had by seeing that she was clearly getting plenty and definitely boosted my confidence moving forward.

I highly suggest if anybody feels like they're not getting enough milk please check before you quit breastfeeding! 9 times out of 10 they're getting plenty! I see so many women stop breastfeeding because they're doubting themselves. Reach out! Lactation consultants are there to help you successfully breastfeed. Don't ever feel embarrassed to do so, you'd be surprised how many women doubt their supply at some point in their breastfeeding journey.

After getting that reassurance we have been smooth sailing from there. One huge thing that helped me in the beginning when I would be so exhausted and she was constantly attached to the breast was learning how to feed her lying down.

I of course did lots of research on this before doing so to ensure it was safe for her and was shocked at how many moms also do this frequently. The newborn stage is very tiring so being able to lie down and relax while your baby is snuggled up beside you nursing was amazing. I wish I would've known I could feed her that way sooner than I did!

Long story short breastfeeding is the absolute best thing I have ever decided to do and I am so beyond blessed it has went so well for me. Just like anything it has it's ups and downs and some days you are so exhausted and feel like a walking pacifier but trust me when I say it is beyond worth it.

The bond you share with your child, knowing you're giving them the best food they could possibly consume, and the abundant benefits it has for you health! Never lose sight of what our womanly bodies are made to do! You are strong, you are able, and never doubt your ability to breastfeed successfully. 

- Kylena

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