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Little Darling Collab: Toddler Girl Suspender Skirt + Beaded Necklace


Get your Little Darling Set HERE!


I'm so excited to announce a little project we've been working on with Coral + Cloud. This collaboration has been by far the biggest thing to pull me out of my comfort zone. As you know, here at Lot801 we aspire to create modern apparel that's gender neutral for all the little babes in your life.

A skirt is something I've had on my mind for quite sometime but I always struggled with putting a product out there that was geared more towards one gender. Well, when Miko from Coral + Cloud reached out to me last winter about doing a collaboration, I knew it was time. Time to create something epic that would pair nicely with her amazing hand painted necklaces. 

Sure, we love the tom boys out there, but what about all the girly girls? We settled on creating a set for the little babe in your life... the toddler suspender skirt & beaded necklace collab was born!

Although, I couldn't just come out with a typical circle skirt, it HAD to be different. It had to have some Lot801 flair to it. So we decided to add suspenders... because who doesn't love suspenders on tiny humans????

I came up with about 3-4 designs for the fabric and sent them over to Miko. She loved the honeycomb (our signature design since we started in 2014). So I made a few tweaks and finalized the colors and sent a sample to Miko. She sent me a pic of what she had come up with for the beaded necklace and I about died.

We both knew we didn't want it to be TOO "matchy matchy". So when I saw the colors she chose, and the fabric she chose for the string... I instantly knew we hit it right on the nail. 

We created the perfect outfit for family pictures, special events (like weddings & birthday parties), matching sister sets, play pretend and playdates.

You can get your set HERE!!! Available for pre-orders now, with an expected ship date of May 20th.

Little Darling Collab Details:

Skirt made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex. This super soft, stretchy and lightweight fabric is perfect for the summer months.

Necklace made with wooden beads, hand painted with several coats of acrylic paint and finished with a non-toxic sealant. Beads strung on recycled fabric (cotton/spandex blend). Making for a very lightweight, comfortable and durable necklace. 

*Please note: recommended age 2/3+; children should be supervised while wearing necklace and should never wear while sleeping This is NOT a teething necklace. 


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