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Meal Prep For Mamas

Just Do It

What's your resolution this year? Get healthy, eat clean, tone up? You're not alone. Starting a fit lifestyle is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions... year after year. People swear off junk food and promise to hit the gym instead of the bar, but these plans quickly crumble - just like that Oreo cookie you're eyeing. Research shows nearly 80% of resolutions are never met.

Ouch! Lucky for you, I'll make it easy for you in 2017!

The trick to getting fit is... there is no quick trick! Sorry, but true. It takes work, sweat and prep! Good news is, I'm going to help you with that.

First, forget all of the counting, logging and analyzing. Just get to work. People spend hours coming up with an action plan. That time can be better spent actually working out or meal prepping. You don't need to have a clear cut plan, just start ASAP and learn as you go. Of course you need a general idea of your goals and steps to get there, but planning months out can be stressful and overwhelming.

So let's think one week ahead and focus on meal prep and a workout outline. Again, don't make it harder than it has to be. Meal prep doesn't mean cooking all day and perfectly packaging every meal for the week. A workout outline doesn't mean drafting every move, weight and rep that you'll be doing.

Let's keep it basic! Here's my simple small step success plan!

Meal Prep

GOAL: Have clean foods at your fingertips.

BREAKFAST: Make a big batch of steel cut oatmeal and eat it throughout the week. The first meal of the day is the most often skipped, yet it's also the most important! Get my favorite oat recipe here:

LUNCH: You need protein and veggies. First, choose a protein and cook enough for 3-5 days. Grill a bunch of chicken or steak and put in Tupperware for the week ahead. You can then use the clean protein on salads, sandwiches and wraps.

Next up, the greens... or red or yellow or purple... ok, ok! Bake, grill or steam a large batch of veggies to add to the protein, as a side or on top of that yummy salad or wrap. Make it even easier by having them raw.

SNACKS: These little bites are so important and often overlooked or full of sugar. Snacks keep your metabolism burning and hold you over to the next meal so you're not over-hungry and looking for junk. To prep for this, just load up on healthy protein bars, low sugar trail mix, fresh fruit or hummus and veggies. Always have a fit bite ready for you in your purse or at your desk.


GOAL: Move. Start now!

HOME WORKOUT: Are you busy for the next 15 minutes? No? Workout. Follow me on IG (@FitElyse) for dozens of fast workouts than can be done at home, without any equipment. Most workouts are only 15 minutes. I also have a workout video series (Daily Double) for just $20. All workouts are under 20 minutes. Visit to snag those.

GROUP TRAINING: If you need more accountability, find a workout class or group that fits your style. Or get a workout buddy or trainer.

Bottom line

Nike said it best... "Just Do It". Stop talking about it, thinking about it or wishing you were fitter, leaner or motivated. Just start! This time next year, you can be in the 20% group that does follow through. Keep the promise you made to yourself and Just Do It!

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-Elyse (make sure to followElyse on Instagram HERE)

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