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Mom's Got Style Too - Chelsea

When I had baby, I thought, “Yeah it’s a big deal…but I’m not going to let it alter every bit of my existence”. I was determined to not become one of those moms that has nothing to talk about but their kids. While I was pregnant, I was even planning on opening a store that was slated to open it’s doors about a month after I gave birth. I told my mom “You have no idea what your talking about… I can do it all”. Wow was I wrong. I had no idea how much this little person would change EVERYTHING. From the moment that sweet angel was caught by my midwife, my life was turned upside down.

This was both a great thing and a very shocking thing. I couldn’t believe how much I loved this little squishy face and would kick anyone’s ass if they were deemed a threat. In the same breath, I couldn’t grasp how I was going to make everything work. By everything I meant the following: raising baby, getting dinner on the table, making the bed, continue to pursue my professional goals, etc. It all seemed so overwhelming. That was until this my subconscious uttered the little quip about how this was all going to work: YOU WILL FIGURE IT OUT.

It may seem so simple, but I just had to focus on each moment as it came. How was I going to calm a screaming baby and take a shower: I’ll figure it out. How will I have a second baby while one baby has me running around like a marathon runner: I’ll figure it out. This little motto has gotten me through some of life’s most trying and exhausting times. Learning to be present in each moment is a challenge, but incredibly gratifying.

When I conquer making lunch both nutritious and laughter filled… Wooohoooo!!!! When I haven’t checked my email in hours and my little one is having the time of her life at the park… DOUBLE WOOHOOOO!!! While I still definitely have days where I feel like the worst mom in the world, it’s those other moments that remind me of the fact that I am doing the best job I can. As for those other times when I feel like life has taken over? I will figure it out.


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