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Moms Got Style Too - Chelsea

When the hubbs and I became parents, we had this preconceived notion that we could never travel again! However, as we got into the swing of things, we decided that being parents doesn’t mean that we are stuck in southern California destined to never acquire another passport stamp.  It was actually the way by which we travel that was going to make it possible. Ten years ago, it was ok to have a teeny tiny room since the majority of our trip would be spent out and about.  We ate what we wanted and whenever we wanted and partied until the sun came up. Now, we reserve the biggest room we can afford, since the majority of our meals, pumping sessions, and 2-3 naptimes are spent in our room. We eat at “family friendly” establishments and we are in bed by 7:30pm. To those without the wee ones, this new scenario might look incredibly droll, to us, it was glorious.  We can travel!! Yay!!!


Now things have gotten even better. The heavens have parted and I no longer must lug around my gigantic, hospital grade pump (cue the congratulatory horns, crowd cheering, and confetti showers); baby now eats with us at restaurants, and can sleep on the go. It’s the little things.


For these reasons, we were so excited to take her on her first visit to Seattle. The both of us spent a good amount of our childhood there and couldn’t wait to take her to our favorite restaurants, parks, and of course shopping areas of which we were familiar. She would also be meeting her aunt, uncle, and cousins of whom she had yet to meet.  It would be a big trip of firsts.


In order to prep for this very thrilling expedition, we needed to be chic yet comfortable. This is why Annabelle chose her scribble scarf to cozy up with for the plane flight and her star leggings for vegging out in the hotel. Our goal was to look cute, while feeling like we were wearing jeggings. It’s a delicate balance.

- Chelsea

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