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Mom's Got Style Too - Maryam

So its January and still no sight of snow in VA. This cold weather then warm weather around here, on and off has us so confused and so sick. Today we hit 60 degrees before it goes back to the 30s tomorrow. This meant we were able to roam around outside WITHOUT our huge jackets! Definitely took full advantage and Aiman was lovin' it!

These were our first pair of the Comfy Pants and boyyyyyy let me tell you.... We are obsessed! Loved the leggings before but the comfy pants are just on another level. How did I not get these any sooner?          We. need. more.

Now patiently waiting for some real snow around here so I can love the first 3 hours of it and continue to hate the rest of winter beyond that.

ittle man styled in our multi Blocks Comfy Pants, you can get yours here

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