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Mom's Got Style Too - Maryam


2 Under 2

People told me it wasn’t going to be easy with 2 kiddos under 2.  They gave me advice on how they handled their kids who were 15 or 18 months apart and I mentally noted all of it. Yes mine are 12 months apart- even the same birthday month and let me tell you, all those mental notations went out the door… 12 months apart might need its own handbook! 


So far our first month with a newborn and a one year old has been trial and error but I do have to say I got the hang of it all pretty quickly. Putting both down for bed, managing feedings at the same time, giving equal amount of attention, and holding both at the same time hasn’t been all that easy.  You should check out my muscles! 


With all that being said, I love every second of figuring this process out. In the meantime I try to take as many pictures I can get and capture as many moments possible- every other day has turned into a photo shoot and I love it. Oh! I cant forget to mention I’ve officially mastered holding both babes AND taking a mirror selfie!



Maryam, Aiman, and Mila 


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