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Mom's Got Style Too - Megan

In the last few weeks in Portland it has decided to rain buckets and buckets. There have been flood warnings and high speed winds the last couple of days. Not only has it been pouring (with no ending in sight) but the temperature has also dropped drastically. It's now in the forties pretty much every day which feels really cold! Vincent and I have been couped up in our apartment all week because of the weather. We've been watching lots of Netflix, taking naps and eating homemade scones. Today, the first half of the day was miraculously DRY! We used this opportunity to get bundled up and take a family stroll before going to the gym and going grocery shopping.  I was super excited to put Vincent in his new grey leggings. I have loved the color and design of these leggings since I very first saw them so I'm so happy to have them for Vincent's Winter wardrobe. I love how they are lighter than the rest of his pants so they pair really well with his dark boots, shirts and jackets. I am a fan of the contrast. 

Xx, Megan 


Megan's little one is styled in our grey Grid leggings, you can get them here. Make sure to follow Megan on Instagram (@meganarevalo) here

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