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Mom's Got Style Too - Sovanny


Raising girls. I've heard of a book titled 'Raising Girls', but I've never been particularly interested in reading parenting books. So I guess if my girls turn into monsters my excuse could be that I should have read more!

 Adamant about only having two children, I'd never know what it is like to raise a boy. I can however give you a little inside (very frank) perspective of what it's been like for me to raise my girls. Keeping in mind, it's pleasant (mostly) but isn't as picture perfect as it seems on my Instagram.



Sharing | You've all heard of the term 'love of my life'? Yes. Good. My husband was the love of my life and I was his until my eldest daughter Madison came along. He is still the love of my life but Madison has taken over and become the love of his life. This is all very normal. Welcome to parenthood.

Mood swings | I definitely have mood swings and lucky for daddy so do both my girls. My eldest Madison is very emotional and cries if she doesn't get her way. It could be as simple as telling her to be quiet and she'll start crying. On the other hand Gemma is vocally expressive and you'll know when she's not happy. Wait until she starts speaking words we could actually understand.



Out and About | I often hear, I can't take my kids anywhere. Well, I can take my girls anywhere. Madison is far more shy than Gemma so the downside is that they take a while to warm up to new people. However you will never catch them destroying your house, crying hysterically on the plane or chucking a tantrum at the cafes. You'd be more likely to catch them uncharacteristically hiding behind me, whispering and sitting uncomfortably quiet.


Affection | They love to cuddle us and each other. Affection is their middle name. I have yet to cop a smack or punch in the face. I have however been scratched, pinched, bitten and given sloppy kisses.

 Looks | Up until just recently, Madison (3 years old) couldn't care about her appearance.  These days however she's far more conscious. I swear I didn't think I'd have to deal with appearance issues for at least another 5 years. Come Onnnnn! I guessing it's all the photoshoots I take my girls on, but heres to hoping it plays a positive experience their lives.


Think I'll leave it at that for now! All this sharing is a follow on from all the lovely comments on Instagram about how inspirational of a mother I am. I felt I had to give more of an inside look into what it is really like. I'm a far cry from perfect but I don't have to be because in my children's eyes I am and vice versa. Feel free to share you experiences also!

 Thanks for reading.

 Sovanny x


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