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Enjoy Free US Shipping on Orders Over $75! (Pre-Tax)

Mom's Off Duty: Sudio Wireless Headphones

Hey Mamasitas!

Today's #MomsOffDuty post is a real treat. Awhile back I came across THIS article where it said the new iPhone would no longer have a headphone jack... I was like what the *@#!???????

I better freaking find myself some killer wireless headphones, stat.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my music. Can't live without it. Which means, I don't just want any ol' headphone... they have to have power, bass and be super high quality.

So I was pretty much feeling like Beyonce when I found THESE badass headphones from Sudio.... because come on, they're gorgeous.

Especially when I saw the price, I'm not gunna lie... I've been known to drop up to $500 on headphone (I wasn't lying when I said I needed high quality for my music lol).

This was my FIRST time using wireless headphone and was pretty dam impressed by how easy they were to use.

I took 'em out running with me the next day and fell in LOVE with the fact that the plug in cord wasn't hitting against my body after every freaking step I took. I don't think I could ever stray away from wireless again. 

I loved these rose gold puppies SO much, I asked Sudio if I could offer my homies a discount to try 'em out. To my surprise, they said heck yes!!!!

If you use code "Lot801" at checkout, you'll get 15% off your order. High five babes! Click HERE to check 'em out.

I'm going to end with TWO things here:

  1. I wanna know if you've used wireless headphone before and what you think about them... comment below (I didn't even know they existed before that article came out).
  2. When you get these bad boys in the mail, let me know if you love them as much as I do!



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