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Motherhood Was All About Finding Myself

Hey from Sydney!

As I get closer to my due date (36 weeks now!) and we prepare for the arrival of our second little princess I’ve been thinking about what becoming a mother has really done for me.

And of course in addition to the obvious... learning patience, responsibility and organisation to name a few, I look more towards my personality and who I am stemming from deep within. I struggled with self-confidence for most of my life, although it may not have been apparent. On the inside I was always doubting myself, never believing I was good enough or as good as everyone else.

Little did I know I did things very well I just couldn’t see it or I didn’t believe it, therefore not living to my true potential. Then after Matisse was born something changed, something stirred. It didn’t all happen right away, in fact I still felt quite lost in myself for about a year (if not even more than before) but I could feel so much happening and opening up.

I had now found something that I was great at, that only I was and no one else (being Matisse’s mother that is) and I found a sense of confidence that I had only dreamed about before. I started to care for myself for once, look after my body and my health, do things that inspired me and I know that Instagram really aided me in the process.

For years I was caught deeply up in running a fast paced stressful business and I had no time to look up and notice what was happening around me let alone have time for friends outside of work or follow trends. 

Becoming a parent you’re automatically part of a new club, and all of a sudden you have so much in common with total strangers all around the world. It’s a great feeling. 

As I transitioned I couldn’t help but feel though that as so many others struggled to find themselves they looked towards what they think they should be rather than who they really are.

This is easily done but I strongly believed that becoming a mother shouldn’t be about sacrificing yourself as a woman for your child, it should be the opposite. They should be helping you to bloom and blossom into the glorious goddess that you are!

You’re life isn’t just them now. You’re not just a “mother” or a “father”. You’re an individual yet even more intricately connected to everything else in the Universe now, and it’s all happened automatically. 

My advice if you too are feeling that fogginess now your life has changed, remember this:

Embrace the change, look at who you really are and if that seems so blurry or unsure, then follow your loves, follow your interests like what makes you happy. You’re not a Nanna now you’ve got kids. You’re young and vibrant and this is just beginning!

Be inspired by others but find what they have in you, don’t try to be them. Be positive, you’re doing a great job even if you think you’re not. Don’t be too regimented, try letting things unfold naturally you’ll be surprised how everything just falls into place if you encourage the flow.

Don’t Google things, think for yourself and make up your own mind by using your common sense and intuition. We ignore our intuition far too much these days. It’s that that will show you who you really are providing you are willing to listen.

This little babe adorably styled in our Stay Focused graphic tee.

xxx, Kiri (make sure to follow Kiri on Instagram HERE)

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