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Moving the Family!!!

We have had a really busy month getting ready to move from California back to Arizona. We always knew our time in Cali would be short but thinking back on it, two years still seemed like it was going to be a good amount of time.

But man did time fly. We began building our first home after we realized real quick that affording property in SoCal was just not in our budget, at least not for what we would like. So, back in February on a trip home we purchased a lot and began designing our dream home. It's been an extensive process but we have learned so much.

This apartment life was getting way to small for our family. But, as exciting as it is to be moving into our first place, it's still hard to leave behind the life we've built here. California is truly beautiful and the ocean never gets old.

It's one thing Shae will defiantly miss as it's been her favorite place to go every weekend. So with our days dwindling down we have been enjoying as much time as we can here, aside from packing, to head back home to be closer to family, and I can't wait to show you all a little glimpse of our new home! 

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-Shae (Make sure to follow Shae on Instagram HERE)

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