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Mr. Independent

Literally overnight my 2.5 year old little clinger has turned into an independent little human! Considering I see him every day and rarely notice changes like his height, weight or speech like others do I definitely noticed this transformation! 

Everyday he’s wanting to do things for himself more and more, it’s that stage where you loose the very last glimpses of your baby and see a little boy growing before your eyes.

He’s brushing his own teeth, choosing his own clothes (from my edited selection haha), pouring his own cereal and carrying his own bag through an airport. You feel redundant.Not so long ago I was wishing he would give me five minutes to myself and look after himself and now that he actually is I want my baby back!

It still seems crazy to me that we are responsible for these developments to some degree! I never ever thought I’d be qualified enough to teach a small person to be a big independent one, it’s actually quite astounding to me and one of the things I’m most proud of achieving.

I’ve raised a human who can pee on his own. Big ups to me! haha.

Little man styled in our Light Grey Suspenders HERE.

-Tania (make sure to follow Tania on Instagram HERE)

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