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My Mom Super Power - Belin

At Lot801, we find that too often the conversation amongst our friends and family revolves around our failures as a mother; we didn't have time for their nap which is why they're so ornery today, I wish I could cook them healthier meals more often (we had Mac & Cheese for lunch), I don't spend enough time with them on fun activities… yada yada yada. Let's change the conversation and focus on what makes us a GREAT mother, what it is that we do do right. It's no longer taboo to brag about your "Mommy Super Power".

To start the conversation, we've asked all of our style contributors to share their Mom Super Powers (yes, we're calling it that) with us in their next post. Stay tuned, we've got some killer mothers we can't wait to share with you this month. We encourage all mothers to join us in this movement by posting a photo on Instagram, share your mom super power and hashtag #MyMomSuperPower. Ready… Set… GO!


My mission to grow healthy humans started the moment I read the positive pregnancy test (avocados and walking = good, deli meats and sushi = bad). When I held our twin boys for the first time, all those warm fuzzy feelings of love and protection flooded my body. I knew that I would stop at nothing to make sure my boys were safe. 

Now that Kingston and Kai are toddlers, keeping them safe not only means rescuing them from falling off something they are climbing, or preventing a head injury during a tantrum, but it also includes feeding them a healthy well balanced diet. One of my twins will eat anything you put in front of his face (including boogers), and the other twin refuses to eat without even so much as a nibble first. Drives me nuts.

Our only saving grace is the green smoothie. While I was pregnant, my husband bought us one of those nifty high end blenders so I could make all homemade baby food. Tad-da! My inner "Mom Super Power" was born. Being a busy mother to twins, even my husband doubted that I would have time to make all their food myself. But my inner "Mom Super Power" knew differently. As soon as my boys were old enough to begin eating solids, they started drinking green smoothies. They’ve had a green smoothie loaded with healthy, unprocessed food such as:  fruits, kale, spinach, probiotics, etc. every day since. Even my picky eater loves them. Hallelujah!

There is something so satisfying about seeing my boys not only eat but enjoy the nutrients they need to be healthy and play hard. So, when they are throwing their peas across the room during dinner, I rest easy knowing they’ve gotten their share of veggies for the day.

We would love for your to share your Mom Super Power by posting a pic on Instagram, telling us your super power and hashtag #MyMomSuperPower!

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