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My Mom Super Power - Krista


In each and every one of us mamas, there is a "mom super power". We all have it and each of ours is unique. If you love your kid more than life itself, discipline your kid, think your kid is the most perfect human being alive, get frustrated with your kid, don't know what you would do without your kid in your life, then you are a super mom!

My "mom super power" doesn't necessarily come from anything I do in particular but more of how Boston makes me feel. His love for me reassures me everyday that I'm doing something right! Our days may not always be perfect but we are perfect for each other!

His need for me, his excitement to see me after we've been apart, his hugs, kisses & snuggles are more than enough to make me feel like a super mom!

Boston is so obsessed with Despicable Me right now and this quote from the movie says it all, "She kisses my boo boos. She braids my hair. My mother is beyond compare. We love you mothers everywhere."

Boston always comes first in my book and I do everything to make him happy! That doesn't always mean he will act happy (depending on the situation) but I know I am doing what's best for him and that's the most important! The day you become a mother, your motherly instinct kicks in and you just want to protect that baby of yours no matter what! It's a love like no other and I am so grateful I get to lead the life of a super mom everyday!

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