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Positivity and Support

Positivity and Support

As mom's we need to life each other up instead of bringing each other down. When I first became a mom I got put into this groups on Facebook for mom's. I thought it was such a great idea at first, until I realized how toxic those groups were. I just kept such negative things and comments on posts. 

And over the Easter holiday, I saw it all happening again even when I wasn't in those groups. Mom's saying negative thing about another's parenting.

Getting mad over what another mom put in their kids Easter basket. Why is that okay? It shouldn't be. It's a hard job being a mom or dad. And to get criticized about some little thing doesn't help. 

For me, I have a hard time thinking I'm doing a good job sometimes with how I'm raising my little human. Every child is going to be raised different.

Not every family is the same. We're all raising little humans, we need that support and positivity. We're all doing a great job. I'm so happy I got out of those mom groups because they made me feel terrible as a mom. 

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-Bri (make sure to follow Bri on Instagram HERE)

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