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Quick and Easy Booty Workout For Moms

Quick and easy booty workout for moms

It's Mother's Day weekend!! So happy Mother's Day to all you amazing, dedicated, hardworking, loving mothers. You are all the real MVP! Wednesday means booty day, actually everyday is booty day haha

To celebrate you ladies, here is a good and quick booty workout! Make sure to tighten your abs as you squat and in the jumps. I also want you to either use some kind of weight as you squat. I used my 20 lbs child ;)

30 sec squats 30 sec squat jumps

Repeat 4x

Focus on getting low, when you get tired USE YOUR GLUTEUS!! I promise, if you do this right, your butt will burn!

When you're done, go treat yourself!

xo Fatima

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