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Quick "Jump It" Routine - at Home Workout

Mom at home quick workout
Mom at home workout
at home quick mommy workout
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Late to bed, kids are early to rise. I'm tired. Kids are needy. Diapers are dirty. Dishes are starring me down. Then "Mama, mama, I spilled". Greek yogurt & crushed graham crackers cover the floor. Alright, get the idea? Pure chaos...

Totally viable reasons to skip my morning workout, right? I mean, I can hardly think, let alone squat. Umm, negative! All of this, this madness, this messiness, this mom life ... Makes this workout more important than ever. Don't skip it, jump it!

Most of my workouts include jumping... Aka - plyometrics. I knock out my fitness routines in 15-20 minutes a day. Who has time for much more than that?

Not me! The key to getting in a killer workout in 1/2 an episode of “Thomas the Train”, is to take up the intensity. Push it to the max for a short amount of time and I promise you, you'll feel accomplished, worked & more energized and ready to tackle the next round of "mom, help", "oops", "noooo" & messes. After a good workout, those endorphins get pumping and everything seems better. I can be a better mama.

Often times, I include my little ones in my workout. It’s a win win. They get a fun up & down ride on mama’s shoulders & I get some good weighted squats in. You can either let your kids halt your workout or heat it up. My family recently shot a workout video together. At one point, our little boy got on my back as I was holding a plank. It took things to a whole new level! I didn’t collapse, I embraced the extra push and challenge. So, just like every minute of mom-life... you never know what you’re going to get and that’s part of the fun.

Try out my quick “Jump It” routine... with or without your babes.

1) Hop Squats - Lower down into a squat. Hop up and land back softly into a squat.

2) Popping Push Ups - Get into push-up position (knee push-ups are totally fine). Lower down and as you rise, pop your hands up slightly off the ground.

3) Burpees - You know these! You don’t want to... but you know them ;-)

4) Switch Hop Lunges - Perform a typical lunge, then jump up and switch legs in air so you land with opposite leg in front.

5) Side Plank Lifts - Get in a side plank. Lift and lower your hips to tap down and raise. Keep core tight.

Do each exercise for 20-30 seconds, cycle through 2-4 times. Remember, little eyes are watching you. Set an example... Not only an example of a healthy life, but a lesson in commitment, determination & follow through.

Never skip that workout, jumping over the obstacles is always better.

P.S. I’m so excited and honored to be a finalist in The Next Fitness Star competition for Women’s Health Magazine! I’m on this month’s cover. I’m the only mama of two littles! Part of this competition is fan voting & I’d love to have your vote. Go to my website to vote DAILY! Winner gets their own workout video. Help me win so I can train you in your living room every day... high five!

This little baby styled in our Grey Honeycomb Joggers. Click here for more joggers. 

-Elyse (make sure to follow Elyse on Instagram HERE)

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