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The Adams Family - Kids Halloween Costume

Halloween has never been my holiday of choice. With Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, and my birthday (which should be a holiday because it’s a wicked awesome day) to choose from, Halloween always ended up low on my list for holidays to put a lot of effort into.

Up until I had Annabelle, Halloween was mostly about who could be the sexiest cat... or sexiest mouse... or sexiest proctologist. This kind of competition never really held my interest, ergo, neither did the holiday.

Things changed when I had a kid. Now Halloween became about her. It became about family, fun, and rosé roadies (three things I could definitely get behind). Halloween was now about being a kid again. The excitement of going up to the neighbors door to see what sweet treats lie behind the cotton ball cobwebbed door.

The chance to get to be a super hero, super villain, or fairy princess was now fun again. It was fun because now I get to experience it through someone with a limitless imagination. Someone who truly believes they are that make-believe person. Someone who just loves Halloween.

Little Annabelle dressed as Wednesday from The Adams Family in our Monochrome joggers HERE.

-Chelsea (make sure to follow Chelsea on Instagram HERE)

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